Isnin, 7 November 2011

Nobody knwos me well

sometimes i feel like i'm nothing 2 everybody.... yes thats true that i hve a lot of fwends.... but when im keep thinking again n again from past until now i realize that i only got a few friends that really understand me n sharing anytg when im need.. hangout together.... other else r just only a title "friend".... i wonder why most of "fwend" are not sincere to be friends with me... most of them will stab me back.... or only use me when needed... usually i cant realize it until i found its weird when people around keep asking something weird.... hurmm.... hey come on la..... u admit that u're my fwend... but u curse me... u create story n etc....nobody knows me at all...when I'm sad no one knows it..i'm fully with smile..but nobody knows how i really feel inside..... u don't seem 2 notice, u don't seem 2 care u promise me something, then u aren't even there...u tell people my secrets, Tell me ur lies... who wants a friend that makes u want to cry? u say we're best friends and all... but how does that work whenu only talk 2 me when u have 2...u only tell me things when I ask u're only there for me when I call...oh wait, that's right u're never there for me at all... so just forget to be my friends if u just want to take advtage n also not sincere to friends with me.... or else u will not been given forrgiveness from me until u die!!

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